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IAA Healthcare was initiated in June 2001 and has since established itself as the leading HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) in Uganda that provides the most comprehensive Health Insurance Plans to its customers. Our medical plans are flexible to match your budget and meet your medical needs, be it for an individual or a company.

These plans are serviced by our Hospital and Clinic networks strategically spread across the country, including over 102 affiliate clinics. We currently have over 500 corporate clients with a total of over 60,000 lives safely insured with us.

IAA Healthcare is licensed by The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda to provide Medical Insurance in Uganda.

IAA Healthcare is located at IHK, 3rd Floor, Plot 4686 Barnabas Road Namuwongo, Kampala., P. O. Box 8177


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The Group

IAA Healthcare is part of the International Medical Group that integrates:

1. International Hospital Kampala

IHK enjoys the reputation of being the first in many regards: ISO certified Hospital in Uganda, ISO EMS certified Hospital in Africa, undertaking and currently the first and only COHSASA certified Hospital in Uganda and East Africa, the first heart surgery in Uganda amongst many other accomplishments.

2. International Medical Centers

A growing network of over 15 outpatient facilities providing the best primary healthcare services in Uganda. The IMCs cater for both prepaid and cash patients seeking General Practitioners and Specialist services, Dental care, Maternity and Pediatric care.

3. International Medical Foundation

An established NGO that’s committed to building sustainable, high quality and capacity in Healthcare for Ugandans by availing such care to the disadvantaged.



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Call us now if you are in a medical emergency need, we will reply swiftly and provide you with medical aid.

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