Case management

Our client relations team strives to ensure that the case management process
is made as seamless as possible from admission to discharge with a dedicated
manager located at IHK. The team ensures the following;

  • 24hr pre-authorisation (on spot authorisation), with a call to the client advising of extent of cover, especially for surgical procedures.
  • If issues arise during admission, the team will follow-up and address in a timely manner.
  • Assess treatment and care and ensure that clients have an understanding of benefits.
  • Regular checks on wellbeing to ensure that admissions are as comfortable as possible.
  • For expectant mothers, a maternity card explaining benefits is issued as soon as the member learns that they are expecting. A newborn card is issued upon delivery (IHK only).
  • Clients are assigned to the appropriate medical personnel.
  • In cases where limits are likely to be exceeded, clients are notified, financial counselling will be given and both team and client will agree the best way forward.
  • The team will ensure that a recovery card is issued to all patients.

Our Locations

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